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Welcome to Vantaa Cricket Club

We are Vantaa’s oldest cricket club. We welcome players of all nationalities and abilities.


Club history

It is almost certain that cricket reached Vantaa, with the formation of Vantaa Cricket Club (VCC) in 1995. VCC is the third-oljkhjh     dest surviving Cricket Club in Finland. The club was created by a hgroup of young men of Sri Lankans. VCC was initially formed in 1994 at a tennis ball cricket meeting in a small gravel ground at Rajakylä, in Vantaa.

News for 2023 season

The Vantaa Cricket Club started preparations for the 2023 season already on January 14, and many new players have joined the team and after the last season. VCC participates in T20 Premier League, Division III T20 League and ODI League. In addition, planning for the development of the Rajakylä field is underway. The annual general meeting will be held at the end of 2023.

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