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We welcome all new members to Vantaa Cricket Club. This category is people who expect to be active sportsmen and represent the Club in competitive leagues. The Club presumes that the existing members of VCC intend to maintain their membership at their current membership category for the coming membership year.

Vantaa Cricket Club also welcomes social members. Social members are just as important as our players and provide the much needed support to our teams on game days and the club throughout the year. Social members do not enjoy privileges such as the “right to vote” at General Meetings of VCC.      


Should a playing Member not be renewed, the Member may choose to remain a social Member of the Club by the purchase of a social Membership.

Term Membership is for a period of One (1) year. This membership is renewable annually. Please note that the process of membership renewals starts in January. Members are required to meet all financial obligations for a period of one year. If you are not sure about the  membership category request a change, in writing or by e-mail. 

The VCC Committee may involve in and process the re-application of any former member who was expelled or resigned his/her membership because of disciplinary action taken by the Club.

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Membership Application Form

Membership is open to all applicants regardless of age, ability, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, religious belief or social/economic status.

All details will be kept in a secure database with access restricted to authorised club officers only.

Thanks for submitting!

Purchase a Membership

The amount of  membership fee will be decided during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. 

Anyone who wants to play cricket in league games must also buy Finnish sports license every year. The above-mentioned membership fee does not include a license. This will be bought from the “Suomisport” (is a digital service shared by the entire sports community). The licenses of the Finnish Sports Confederation and the products attached to them (e.g. Sport insurance) will be sold through Suomisport from autumn every year.

N. B. In line with GDPR ( The EU General Data Protection Regulation ) new regulations (2018) by signing this application form you agree to your personal data being stored on our database. Should your membership lapse, your data will be stored for a period of 12 months and then deleted.

Please return forms to Vantaa Cricket Club, Kaskelantie 1A 68, 01200 Vantaa, or email to     

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